Safety and Health

Commitment to Workplace Safety
We strive to achieve a zero-injury workplace. Our approach encompasses education, management accountability and employee engagement. Our workplace safety and injury prevention efforts extend to subcontractors and visitors to our sites.

Target Zero
Our Target Zero initiative motivates employees to embrace a zero injuries mentality. The safety of every employee is paramount to our success as a business and is a strategic imperative for our organization. To drive improvement, we emphasize leadership engagement and ownership, and employee engagement, driven through a variety of safety programs and initiatives. Target Zero has led to significant improvements in safety performance since its introduction in 2004. Since the 2003 baseline year we have decreased severity (lost days) rates by 73%, day away case rates by 55%, and recordable rates of workplace injuries by 58%. Our safety goal-setting process aligns with components of U.S. OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

Target Zero Performance

Additional information on our safety performance.

Leadership Involvement and Employee Engagement
Lockheed Martin continues to emphasize leadership involvement and employee engagement to maintain a safe workplace. Examples of our programs include:

  • To prevent recurrence of injuries, managers are encouraged to follow a process that requires managers one level above an injured employee’s manager to directly contact the injured employee following an incident. We track manager responsiveness through a safety incident reporting tool. This practice ensures leaders are fully engaged in and take ownership of creating a safe work environment for all.
  • The semi-annual Heroes for Target Zero Program highlights work sites that continually make the most progress toward achieving safety performance objectives.
  • Our facility level safety committees enlist volunteer employees to work in teams to identify potential hazards, develop solutions, and implement corrective actions. For example, our Fort Worth, Texas, site’s behavior-based safety teams (E-SAFTE) consist of volunteer employees who diligently work to identify root causes and corrective actions to environment, safety and health hazards.



Safety Moments

Participatory Ergonomics teams can help evaluate areas of ergonomic improvement. Watch the new, three-minute Safety Moments Video to learn more from our colleagues at Aeronautics in Palmdale, California.

Harmony in Healthy Living
A healthy business begins with healthy employees. We are committed to providing the tools, resources and environment to support optimum health and well-being among our employees and their dependents, while ensuring the highest levels of protection and respect for privacy and confidentiality.

In 2010, we launched the LM HealthWorks Plan that makes it easier for our people – despite age and wellness level – to make positive choices for their health. Employees have access to a host of free, health-related programs, including free onsite flu shots, onsite Wellness Centers and more.



Our corporate headquarters features a half-mile fitness trail uniquely built from recycled tires. The trail conserves natural resources and minimizes waste, while providing access to a pleasing ecological environment for employees and visitors to pursue a healthy lifestyle.