Quality Assurance Program

Lockheed Martin brings a culture of quality and a relentless pursuit of operating excellence by the systematic use of proven best practices, industry standards, and continuous improvement initiatives. Our QAP describes our approach, tools, resources, and techniques for ensuring program-wide quality, planning, data collection, and reporting. A key feature of our program includes a proven quality assurance system that is based on International Organization of Standards methodology and consists of proven processes designed to provide assurance that services and products satisfy contract and task order requirements.

Lockheed Martin integrates continuous process improvement initiatives as a part of our LM21 Operating Excellence program. LM21 represents our approach to a complete, continuously improved quality assurance system. It integrates the best features of both Lean and Six Sigma process improvement tools in order to streamline processes to eliminate waste and provide a systematic approach for achieving mission success through process control and near zero-defect performance.

Lean is an initiative that focuses on reducing waste and ensuring that any given process consists of the minimum number of steps. Lean is a process and a philosophy, not a single-point event. Although dramatic improvements can be expected initially, continuous commitment is essential to both ensure implementation of the identified improvements and to continue the elimination of wasteful process steps.

Six Sigma defines a system for achieving success via process control and a focus on data and analysis-based decision-making, mistake-proofed processes, throughput maximization, and near zero defect performance.

The Lockheed Martin Team, at the program management and subcontractor/teammate levels, offers the right solution for quality assurance through an integrated Quality Assurance Program that builds quality assurance and quality control into every factor of performance.