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Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN)


Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN) is a net-centric mission planning and execution system. ISPAN supports the full spectrum of USSTRATCOM’s new responsibilities for global strike, missile defense and information operations, in addition to their traditional role of nuclear deterrence.

Integrating a number of legacy systems into a new, streamlined mission planning architecture, ISPAN allows USSTRATCOM commanders to monitor worldwide situations in real-time, assess potential threats or areas of interest, and then plan and support execution of a swift response in coordination with regional combatant commanders.

Global Situational Awareness
ISPAN uses data, integrated via a net-centric operational warfighting construct, from space-based, airborne and ground-based sensors to provide real-time, global situational awareness alerting commanders to potential threats or other areas of interest. For each new threat, the system provides a set of different courses of action to respond, complete with estimates of probability of success, potential collateral damage, required resources and assets, and time frame. Commanders can then execute one of the options, coordinating closely with local combatant commanders and warfighting resources.


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