Second Annual Republic of Korea Science Technology and Research Projects (ROKST&R) Awarded

Seoul, Korea, Nov. 16, 2015 – Three Korean Universities were recently selected to receive funding as part of Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT), Republic of Korea Science, Technology, and Research (ROKST&R) Fund. The projects include research related to supersonic flight, unmanned vehicle navigation techniques, new analysis techniques for composite materials, and enhanced imagery analysis techniques for reducing errors caused by different illumination characteristics.

“These four projects offer new approaches to technology that are of importance to Lockheed Martin and represent unique ideas that we want to explore in collaboration with Korean academia”, said Dr. John D. Evans, Lockheed Martin vice president for International Science and Technology. “Last year’s ROKST&R projects provided excellent scientific insights and yielded a promising joint patent application. The ROKST&R fund’s second year is also off to a great start”.

The Universities selected for ROKST&R funding this year are Korea University, Seoul National University, and Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology.

Project: Korea University “Novel Image Registration via Chaos-Inspired Similarity and Geometric Spreading of Matching Pairs” by Prof. Hanseok Ko


From left to right: Chul Jin Cho, Jaeyong Ju, Karen Duneman (Lockheed Martin), Hanseok Ko, Kyung Kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), Seung-il Kim, and Taeyup Song

Project: Seoul National University, “Toward Onboard Feedback Control of Combustion in Hypersonic Vehicle Using a Compact Laser System” by Prof. Jai-ick Yoh


From left to right: Hyeonju Yu, Soo Jin Choi, Karen Duneman (Lockheed Martin), Jai-ick Yoh, Kyung Kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), and Hyunwoo Kim

Project: Seoul National University, “Adaptive Multimodal Integration for Accuracy Assurance of Navigation Systems” by Prof. Hyoun Jin Kim


From left to Right: Pyo Jin Kim, Seungwon Choi, Karen Duneman (Lockheed Martin), Hyoun Jin Kim, Kyung Kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), and Chung Kee Park (Lockheed Martin)

Project: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), “Novel real-time visualization technique for characterizing microscale progressive damage and failure in composite materials in a fully 3D setting based on a DVC algorithm” by Profs. Wooseok Ji and Se-Young Chun


From left to right: Hye-won Park, Wooseok Ji, Se-Young Chun, Karen Duneman (Lockheed Martin), Kyung kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), Hee-young Choi, Eon-yeon Jo, and Hey-Gyu Kim

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