Quiz: Name that Star!

Hidden Figures Filming 2016 in Marietta, Georgia Portions of the upcoming film "Hidden Figures" were filmed in a Lockheed Martin Wind Tunnel this past April 2016.

Throughout history, aircraft built by Lockheed Martin and our legacy companies have been featured in countless films and television shows. Most recently, our aircraft can be spotted playing major or minor roles in several superhero flicks. From saving the good guys to assisting the bad, test your knowledge on these Lockheed Martin aircraft appearances in recent action films.

Challenge 1

In the 2008 release of The Dark Knight, this famous cargo plane yanks our superhero out of a
tough situation in a very unconventional—but true-to-life—manner in the city of Hong Kong at night.

Challenge 2

In the 2007 film Transformers, this gunship is used to unleash major firepower in the desert as the
heroes engage with a very hostile—and otherworldly—enemy target.  

Challenge 3

The speed and agility of this 5th Generation fighter matched metallically well-dressed,
flying hero Iron Man in the 2008 film? What am I?

Challenge 4

The fictitious use of this stealth aircraft with added hover capability provided the fastest
method of transportation for the entire X-Men First Class team.

Challenge 5

In the 2006 showing of Superman Returns, this stealth fighter becomes the most
advanced jumbo jet escort ever, standing by to assist this high-flying superhero
whose girlfriend often writes about his exploits.

Challenge 6

In the 2007 Transformers film, this first 5th Generation aircraft is flown by the good guy
and is one of the baddest of the bad guys. Only alien machines would disregard warnings
from this Raptor in the opening scenes.

Challenge 7

A squadron of pilots fly out into the desert to save the day at the end of the action-packed
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
sequel from 2009. What were the pilots flying?

Challenge 8

In the 2008 super hero film Iron Man, Tony Stark decorates his office with
a photo of this legacy Lockheed Martin aircraft.

Challenge 9

The U.S. Air Force uses this jet to identify a futuristic aircraft carrying
an entire team of superheroes in Xmen - X2.

Challenge 10

This heavy duty cargo plane transports a quarter of a team of super heroes
from Central America to Area 57 in the most recent Fantastic Four flick.