How Much Do You Know About Lockheed Martin in Australia?

Did you know that Lockheed Martin has been actively involved with our Australian partners since the early 1940s? As the Avalon show opens in Geelong this week, test your knowledge of our people, programs, and friends in Australia.


This Royal Australian Air Force base will be home to the majority of Australia’s F-35 fleet and the advanced F-35 Training System that maximizes simulation for effective, affordable training. Bonus points if you can name the location where the first Australian F-35 pilot started training in January.
Ground-based space situational awareness (GBSSA) is a necessary capability to give us a full definition of threats in orbit. Lockheed Martin has partnered with which Australian company to work on systems designed to evaluate these threats and complement Space Fence and other radar-based systems?
With few people spread over thousands of desolate square miles, secure, reliable communication is critical in the North and South Poles. This satellite system is specifically targeted to extend the reach.
This Australian manufacturing company supplies the vertical tails for the F-35.
Australia’s first two F-35’s, AU-1 and AU-2, are currently at Luke Air Force Base for training. These two aircraft are the first of how many aircraft that Australia has committed to order?
The Royal Australian Navy has taken delivery of 10 MH-60R ‘Romeo’ multi-mission helicopters, and flew the aircraft for the first time over Sydney Opera House in 2014. How many aircraft will make up the RAN’s MH-60R fleet?
Which unmanned aerial system helps protect wildfire-fighting heroes by assessing the intensity and location of hotspots, and identifying people and property at risk?
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