K-MAX Enters a Brave New World on Science Channel

K-MAX-Post-Show-680x350 While filming the segment for “Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World” documentary mini-series, host Professor Chris Eliasmith talks with Kevin Westfall, director of Unmanned Solutions, about the capabilities of Lockheed Martin’s unmanned cargo-hauling copter.

On Wednesday, April 30, the Lockheed Martin K-MAX cargo unmanned aircraft system was recognized on national television as a “game-changing innovation” during the “Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World” series on the Science Channel.

In the “Code Red” episode of the documentary mini-series, Professor Stephen Hawking and his team of scientists investigate new inventions that will help save lives and change how humans deal with crisis in the future.

“The K-MAX not only keeps pilots out of danger, but also saves lives on the ground by delivering medicine to remote locations,” said Hawking during the segment.

To see the K-MAX in action firsthand and film the segment, Professor Chris Eliasmith visited Lockheed Martin’s Owego, N.Y., facility in May 2013, where he became the first neuroscientist to operate the unmanned heavy-lift helicopter. During his visit, Eliasmith conducted on-camera interviews with Lockheed Martin employees including Kevin Westfall, director of Unmanned Solutions; Chris Zorio, K-MAX flight test engineer; and Jerry McCawley, test pilot and flight safety engineer.

Visit Discovery Channel’s Discovery World website here to watch the episode online and learn more about the original Canadian documentary mini-series. 

Behind the Scenes: K-MAX Science Channel Feature

Lockheed Martin employees discuss their experiences filming the K-MAX segment for Stephen Hawking's Brave New World series. The segment aired on April 30, 2014.