Indian Incentives Program

Lockheed Martin Participates in the Indian Incentives Program

Lockheed Martin is committed to the development of Native American and Indian-owned small businesses through the Indian Incentives Program.

The Department of Defense Indian Incentive Program applies to all Lockheed Martin Corporation programs seeking reimbursement on open DoD contracts and subcontracts exceeding $550,000 for procurements placed with federally recognized Indian-owned suppliers.

About the Indian Incentives Program

Administrated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Small Business Programs Office, the Indian Incentive Program makes every effort to provide added value to the government, in that, this program is funded independently by the OSD and is not supported by the funds of the contracting agency.

These contracts require contractors to use their best efforts to give Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in subcontracts awarded to the fullest extent consistent with efficient performance of the contract(s). Contracting officers, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, shall authorize an incentive payment of 5 percent of the amount paid to subcontractors that are Indian organizations or Indian-owned economic enterprise.


How to work with Lockheed Martin

  1. It is important to first have a general understanding of the program, how it works and determine if your firm is eligible to participate. Go to the DoD Indian Incentives Program web site for details and review FAR 52.226-1.

  2. Market your firm and capabilities by completing the Marketing Input Form.  Please answer all questions and provide thorough responses.  Learn more about input fields so you can have the needed information on hand.

  3. If you receive a request to bid on a procurement opportunity, register in the Lockheed Martin corporate supplier database. Select LM P2P Unsolicited Registration Request to access the registration form.

    Do not send proprietary, export controlled, confidential or classified information. Please indicate your eligibility for the Indian Incentives Program.